Applying Your Vinyl Sign

Three secrets to improve the application of your vinyl signs:
1. Ensure that the area to which the sign is to be applied is thoroughly clean.
2. Warm both the surface and vinyl sign with a hair dryer before application.
After application pop any air bubbles with a pin and smooth out using squeegee/credit card

Vinyl signs are made up of three layers:  Backing Paper (Opaque), Vinyl (Your Sign) 
and Application Tape (Translucent).

1 Position the 3 layers of vinyl sign in the required location and secure temporarily with masking tape.

2 Apply masking tape along the top edge of the sign letting it overlap on to the surface its being applied to thus creating a hinge.

3 Lift up the sign on its hinge and peel back the opaque backing paper until completely removed.

4 Very carefully lower the sign back down allowing it to make contact with the surface you are applying it to.

5 Using a squeegee or credit card firmly push down the remaining 2 layers of the sign. Start at the top center and work down and outwards applying the letters/graphics to the surface. Make sure you apply pressure across all sections of the sign.

6 Remove the masking tape that you applied along the top. Then starting at a top end corner slowly and gently peel back the application tape at approx. 180 degrees to the opposite end. Rub down any loose edges using the backing paper removed in section 3 first popping any bubbles with a pin.

If your sign is long: Following stage 2 above make a couple of vertical cuts between characters as shown in diagram. Then complete stage 3 and onward for each section ensuring all sections are in-line.